“Write As You Go!”: A Methodology for Efficient Report Writing

Do you have a genealogical brick wall? Do you wish to be more efficient when writing your client reports?  Or, perhaps you need to write a proof argument? You have come to the right place. “Write As You Go!” is a program that can help you write those work products.

The Seattle Genealogical Society will offer this popular online course on writing research/client reports/proof arguments as you go, what we call “Write As You Go!” “Write As You Go!” combines your research log, research notes and the final product into a single research document, and creates a platform for the development of a client report or article or portfolio submission. This technique allows you to write more efficiently and accurately, saving you time and (perhaps) embarrassment.

This is an intermediate/advanced course. This is not about writing creative non-fiction; this is a technical writing course. We will be referring to Genealogy Standards for our writing standards.[1]

The course is 4 sessions of 2 hours/session.

There is a class size limit of 20. We will run at least two classes the summer of 2021, one daytime and one after work hours. I recommend signing up now by clicking on the sign up tab at the top of home page. Signing up now has no obligations to you, but establishes your priority for admittance into the class. Of course, SGS members have priority in entry and reduced cost.

There are four assignments that are required to be submitted to me for review. Each assignment forms the basis for the discussion in the subsequent meet up.

I am still learning the discipline it takes to do WAYtoGo! I lose my way occasionally. But, I love assembling all my evidence, with the research plan and the negative findings log all in one place! Usually, I am working on a research report right along with the class. I will bring my discoveries and possible solutions to the discussion as well.

This is not a “how to research class” but rather a methodology class that can make your researching more structured, and thereby more successful, especially for those tougher problems.

We cannot guarantee you will solve your brick wall or write the perfect client report or proof argument, but you will learn techniques that will bring you closer to solution.

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